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Background and Introduction

In response to the increasing scope of IMGA's activities during the period 2012-2014, it was decided at the IMGA Annual Meeting in November 2014 to introduce a proposal for changes to the organisational structure of the Association.

A very detailed document was prepared with full details of the proposal, and after discussion it was adopted by a unanimous decision of those members either present or represented (20 out of 21 members).

The full text of that proposal is available as part of the official record of that meeting (available here).

Subsequently, early in 2016, as foreseen in “Reviews” below, some modifications were made to the structure of the various sub-committees, and the following description(s) reflect the current situation.


To facilitate the day to day running of IMGA, the association has 7 sub-committees, each with its own area of responsibility. They assist the elected IMGA executive officers in implementing the decisions made by the IMGA committee, and continuously drive the future development of the sport.


  • Compliance sub-committee
  • Health, Safety and Risk Management sub-committee
  • International Development sub-committee
  • Sponsorship and Promotions sub-committee
  • Strategic Planning sub-committee
  • Technology and Social Media sub-committee
  • Training and Qualification sub-committee

Members and Positions

Each sub-committee consists of:

  • A Chair Person who is the spokesperson for the group and is responsible for delivering progress updates to the IMGA committee and executive officers

  • A Secretary who provides administrative support to the sub-committee and who generally ensures that progress is made and momentum is not lost

  • A number of additional subject matter experts

There is no prescribed maximum or minimum number of people who can sit on an individual sub-committee but for the sake of efficiency it is considered best to limit this to between 5 and 10 people.

The Chair Person of each group should themselves be a member of either the IMGA committee or be an IMGA executive officer.

Any individual wishing to sit on one of the sub-committees may make this known via the IMGA Help Line by giving their personal details and explaining the skills they feel they can offer.

Sub-committee Chair Persons, secretaries, and members are not elected but instead are selected by the IMGA officers who themselves have been elected to carry out the management of the association.


Each year, during the period between the end of the IMGA AGM and the end of the calendar year, the IMGA executive officers evaluate the work required for the year ahead (much of which will have become clear at the AGM) and compare that with the existing sub-committee structure.

Following this review:

  • Existing sub-committees may be disbanded
  • New sub-committees may be created
  • Personnel may be added to, removed from, or moved between sub-committees
  • These webpages will be updated

This continuously ensures the best possible results and innovation by dynamically adjusting the sub-committee structure each year. In 2016 one sub-committee was abandoned, two others were merged, and there were several changes of personnel.


Due to the obvious international make-up of the Association, and the resulting geographical spread, it is necessary for the vast majority of business to be conducted via e-mail (although conference call facilities can also be made available where possible).

To this end each sub-committee has its own dedicated group e-mail address which will deliver mail to all members of the sub-committee.

This group e-mail address also includes all of the IMGA executive officers. This is not to encourage them to actively participate in the day-to-day work of each individual sub-committee (unless of course they are themselves appointed to that sub-committee) but rather to ensure that all elected officers are kept up to date on actions and progress across the various different groups. In this way officers can also ensure that there is no duplication of effort.


Each sub-committee has certain assigned duties as laid out in the relevant “Sub-committee Scope and Guidelines Document (SCSGD)”. These are existing and generally recurring items of work or one-off larger pieces of work.

However, there are inevitably additional “one-off” pieces of work which also fall within the responsibility of individual sub-committees but which may not be included within the scope set out in the SCSGD. They may stem either from decisions made by the IMGA committee at the AGM or (in the case of actions which do not require a wider vote) may come directly from the IMGA executive officers. In either case, a "Work Order Document (WOD)" is prepared by the IMGA executive officers and sent to the secretary of the relevant sub-committee. WODs are also posted on a dedicated page on the IMGA website so that progress can be tracked (similar to the notification system of the IMGA Rules committee).

Once items of work have been completed, the sub-committee secretary returns the completed WOD to the IMGA Finance and Administration Officer, and the website is updated.

Interim Updates

On the 15th February, 15th May and 15th August of each year, the chairperson of each sub-committee is required to submit an update on the progress of the work of the sub-committee. These updates must be in writing and sent to the IMGA chairman, who in turn collates and forwards them to the IMGA committee no later than the 1st of the following month.

Full Update

The chairperson of each sub-committee (or in their absence, their appointed deputy) presents a full update on the activities of their sub-committee at the IMGA AGM.


To access detailed information for each of the sub-committees, use the links below :

Please note that all sub-committees are currently being reviewed and re-organised,
so some links may not be active



Health, Safety
and Risk Management


Compliance Health, Safety and Risk Management Health, Safety andTechnoloINternational Development
Sub-Committee Scope and
Guidelines Document (SCSGD)
Sub-Committee Scope and
Guidelines Document (SCSGD)
Sub-Committee Scope and
Guidelines Document (SCSGD)
Work Order Documents (WODs) Work Order Documents (WODs) Work Order Documents (WODs)

and Promotions


and Social Media

Sponsorship and Promotions Strategic Planning Technology and Social Media
Sub-Committee Scope and
Guidelines Document (SCSGD)
Sub-Committee Scope and
Guidelines Document (SCSGD)
Sub-Committee Scope and
Guidelines Document (SCSGD)
Work Order Documents (WODs) Work Order Documents (WODs) Work Order Documents (WODs)

and Qualification

  Training and Qualification  
  Sub-Committee Scope and
Guidelines Document (SCSGD)
  Work Order Documents (WODs)