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Compliance Sub-Committee




Sub-Committee Scope and Guidelines Document (SCSGD)



The Compliance sub-committee is responsible for ensuring that all IMGA sanctioned competitions are run according to agreed criteria as well as ensuring that all members comply with IMGA membership criteria.


  • Constantly maintain and update the “Organisation of a sanctioned Competition of the International Mounted Games Association” document.

  • Organise and manage all pre-competition inspection visits for IMGA sanctioned competitions

  • Prepare and circulate pre- and post- IMGA sanctioned competition reviews.

  • Manage biannual membership criteria checks


  • The chairperson to prepare a written update statement on the activities of the sub-committee on or before the 15th February, 15th May and 15th August of each year and to relay this to the IMGA chairman.

  • The chairperson (or in their absence, their appointed deputy) to present a full update of the sub-committees annual activities at the AGM.


  Keith Martin Chair Luxembourg
  Nikki Carter Secretary England
  Iain Hopkins   Wales
  Jens Martin   Luxembourg
  Quentin Voeltzel   Burkina Faso