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Strategic Planning Sub-Committee




Sub-Committee Scope and Guidelines Document (SCSGD)



The Strategic Planning sub-committee is responsible for formulating the medium to long term strategic direction for IMGA.

This specifically includes negotiation and relations with FEI and planning for participation in the World Equestrian Games in Canada in 2018.


  • To prepare recommendations to the IMGA committee for the medium to long term direction IMGA should take and the steps it needs to take to get there.

  • To open and maintain lines of communication with the FEI and establish the steps that IMGA needs to be taking in order to become aligned with that organisation with the ultimate goal being to become fully recognised by FEI alongside other established equestrian disciplines.
  • At the 2014 World Equestrian Games, the sports of Horseball and Polo were showcased alongside all the fully recognised FEI disciplines. How did these disciplines achieve such top billing, is this something which will be repeated at future WEG’s and if so, how does Mounted Games get to be a part of that ?


  • The chairperson to prepare a written update statement on the activities of the sub-committee on or before the 15th February, 15th May and 15th August of each year and to relay this to the IMGA chairman.

  • The chairperson (or in their absence, their appointed deputy) to present a full update of the sub-committees annual activities at the AGM.


  Jens Martin Chair Luxembourg
  Nikki Carter Secretary England
  Paul Greiling   USA
  Brent Couch   Canada
  Philippe Gargallo   Switzerland
  Signe Sehested   Denmark
  Sean Bource   France
  Florence Hennuy   Belgium
  Rachel Lechner   Austria
  Mark Devitt   Ireland