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Technology and Social Media Sub-Committee




Sub-Committee Scope and Guidelines Document (SCSGD)



The Technology and Social Media is responsible for the implementation and management of IMGA’s technology footprint.


  • Management of the IMGA Website.

  • Establishing and or maintaining IMGA’s profile across all relevant social media platforms.

  • Creation of a proposal to improve and ensure that IMGA makes full use (both in terms of exposure and finances) of Live Streaming of IMGA sanctioned competitions.


  • The chairperson to prepare a written update statement on the activities of the sub-committee on or before the 15th February, 15th May and 15th August of each year and to relay this to the IMGA chairman.

  • The chairperson (or in their absence, their appointed deputy) to present a full update of the sub-committees annual activities at the AGM.


  Alun Whitney Chair Wales
  Sean Bource Secretary France
  Keith Martin   Luxembourg
  Clément Avice   France
  Johannes Franke   Germany
  Dag Hoffgard Adviser Norway
  Andrew Jordan   Northern Ireland
  Rory Prime   Northern Ireland
  Warwick Slade   Australia
  Hans Hult   Sweden