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Training and Qualification Sub-Committee




Sub-Committee Scope and Guidelines Document (SCSGD)



The Training and Qualification sub-committee is responsible for the training, certification, and assessment of IMGA referees and assistant referees.


  • Organisation and execution of regular training and certification (also re-certification) courses for IMGA referees and assistant referees, accessible to all IMGA member countries.

  • Management of the ongoing assessment of IMGA certified referees and (where applicable) suspending certification.

  • Continuously keeping the IMGA Referee Certification and Assessment documents up to date.

  • Liaising with the hosts of IMGA certified competitions for the following calendar year to establish the requirements for referees and assistant referees as well as the financial and logistical support that host organisations may or may not be willing to provide to such individuals.

  • Relaying the requirements established under point 4 to all certified IMGA referees and assistant referees and inviting them to apply for the vacant positions for the following season.

  • Preparing and managing the election process by which IMGA committee members at the AGM select the referees and assistant referees for the following year.


  • The chairperson to prepare a written update statement on the activities of the sub-committee on or before the 15th February, 15th May and 15th August of each year and to relay this to the IMGA chairman.

  • The chairperson (or in their absence, their appointed deputy) to present a full update of the sub-committees annual activities at the AGM.


  Davy Quinn Chair Scotland
  Eivind Kjuus Secretary Norway
  Frie Martin Translation Luxembourg
  Fabian Pigeolet   Belgium
  Pierre-Luc Portron   France
  Peter Dale   Wales
  Warwick Slade   Australia